Fervent Roze

We are the Band Fervent Roze from Texas. Started back in 2012 as "Zero" and haven't stopped since.  We love to get the opportunity to perform for you all and can't wait until the next time we get to see you! "Charm & Wit" will be out everywhere Sept 21st!  Head over to youtube to check out our new music video!


FEARS // Out Now!


TAKE ME AWAY // 9.14.2019

CHARM & WIT // 9.21.2019

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Fervent Roze's Return to the Studio 

Hey guys! Waylon here! A huge heads up for our upcoming single release as a part of the Fervent Roze: Summer Session Demos.  It's a killer, so we hope you all will enjoy it immensely as much as we have enjoyed recording it! Stay Tuned! 

Fervent Roze's New Line Up 

So as some of you have noticed, we had membership changes during our first tour back in January. Alex and Tim are no longer a part of Fervent Roze. They are our brothers and we will always support them and their endeavors. They both are currently playing in Giovannie and the Hired Guns and you can catch them rocking out in a venue near you! We now have a new member rocking the bass. Welcome to the Fervent Family Nick Alexander!

The Joy In Tragedy Tour is starting This Friday! 

Be sure to check the tour venue listings to find a show near you!  We are hitting the road this Friday starting in our college town of Stephenville! We couldn't be more stoked to bring our new sound and our friends in Sweet Ascent along to show all of you! Thank you so much for all of your support and we will see you each very soon!

- With much love, Waylon, Pj, Alex and Tim.

Fervent Roze is Returning to Studio!!! 

Hey fervent friends we will be undergoing part two to our original ep release! We have been diligently working on some new songs for all of you! So be ready for our winter release!!! stay tuned for updates on how the studio is coming. 

 With much love! -Waylon, Pj, Trejo & Tim

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